Our Origin

Now We Rise started as a response, in the wee hours after the election of Donald J. Trump. Though the creation of the group was reactive, the work done by the group founders and participants is not. Many Now We Rise participants, including the founders, have been working in activist spaces long before the November 2016 election. Now We Rise is committed to being a welcoming and inclusive community where folks feel safe expressing their ideas and opinions. We understand that many of us are new to the social justice movement space. We aim to engage one another with a deep sense of kindness and grace. Now We Rise values social, racial, economic and gender based justice as well as all of the intersections found therein.

Our Present

We are a multi-racial + multi-ethnic digital collective specifically designed to be adaptable and flexible as rapid responders. We center those who are most at-risk of harm within oppressive systems. We rapidly respond to shifting political climates that target violence toward people of color. We invest in community power that creates space for emerging cultural leadership and resistance.